iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 Code Scanner Cars ECU communication Tool For Car Diagnostic Tool

iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 Code Scanner Cars ECU communication Tool For Car Diagnostic Tool

Item No.: COBD23101
Price: $751.00

iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 for CARS Diagnostic

iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 Language :English,German

After having selected the vehicle and the ECU system, mega macs 50 supplies the following functions:

Fault codes (reading/interpreting/deleting)
Actuator tests
Basic settings
Service resets

iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 High Qualities:

1. Supplies Information about the component function, fault effects and above all, the fault reasons. This helps locating a fault systematically, precisely and fast.

2. Parameters are the optimal addition for diagnostic procedures. Parameters help recognising both individual and interdependent values as well as the problems

3. Arising from this constellation. They are displayed not only numerically but also graphically. Therefore, you can easily recognise changes in time as well as shiftings between nominal and actual

iQ4car MEGAMAC-50 Values.

This tool now enables profound troubleshooting on modern vehicles.
One example for this complex development is the CAN bus system used in more and more cars, because normal signals cannot be measured on this data bus any longer.
If you have to measure the signal of a sensor or an actuator itself, simply use the 2-channel multimeter with graphic depiction.
However, the multimeter can measure injection signals as well.

Survey of applications

Quick and simple fault code readout
Detailed fault analysis
Additional information about the fault code with function, effect and reason?
Numerical and graphic parameter depiction
Easy signal measurement
Fast 2-channel multimeter with graphic depiction?
Voltage, resistance and current measurement (400 A amps clamp as an option)
Easy operation with few keys
No tricky supplementary functions
Internal batteries

Packing list:

1pc x Main control unite
1pc x Main OBD2 cable
1pc x power adapter
4pc x test probe
2pc x lead test cable

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