TOYOTA ECU Self Learn Tool

TOYOTA ECU Self Learn Tool

Item No.: COBD21922
Price: $79.99$89.00

TOYOTA ECU Self Learn Tool

toyota ecu self learn tool top view

TOYOTA ECU Self Learn Tool:
1 Replace with new engine computer automatic programming
2 Supports ISO and CAN Protocols
3 Compatible with Early Systems
4 Petrol and Diesel Vehicles
5 Handheld, user friendly, simple and easy to use
6 Driver Information Module & Combi
Use the new TOYOTA tool quickly programmed ECU. New ECU and the old ECU are well supported. Is simple and convenient to use, the tool into the vehicle OBD port, open the key to ON, wait for the countdown ends, the display 0FF, turn off the key, remove the tool, then your ECU is already available.You no longer need to buy expensive TOYOTO IT2. Learning cumbersome programming steps.

toyota ecu self learn tool inner view

toyota ecu self learn tool error

Q: What is the main function of this Toyota ECU Self Learn Tool?
A: When you change a new engine ecu, the new engine ecu can not be recognized, you have to go to 4S shop or use the original to do it.If you have this tool yourself, you can make the synchronization, only support engine ecu and the car list of the year 2000 to 2013.5 so far.

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